City of Industry Stopped From Enforcing Legislative Subpoena

Los Angeles, California, August 21, 2018
San Gabriel Valley Water and Power (SGVWP) reports that on August 9, 2018, the Los Angeles County Superior Court granted a temporary restraining order (Case #: BS174700), forbidding the City of Industry from enforcing a legislative subpoena on SGVWP. The order remains in effect until August 30, when the City is required to attend a hearing to explain why the Court should not grant a preliminary injunction SGVWP has been working with the City of Industry for over two years to bring a world-class solar power project to meet California’s growing renewable energy needs. “We are pleased with the findings of the court,” said Wade Hall, a representative of SGVWP, “as always, we look forward to working with the City to resolve these issues.”

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