Superior Court Grants Injunction Against the City of Industry; Rules in Favor of San Gabriel Valley Water and Power

Los Angeles, California, August 30, 2018 -Today, the Los Angeles County Superior Court ruled in favor of San Gabriel Valley Water and Power (SGVWP), and issued an order forbidding the City of Industry (City) from attempting to enforce a legislative subpoena (Case #: BS174700). SGVWP’s action asserts that the subpoena is legally invalid, because it was not issued for a proper legislative purpose. SGVWP also claims that the City is acting improperly, by trying to use the subpoena to obtain privileged attorney-client communications and confidential business information from SGVWP.

At an earlier hearing, the court granted SGVWP a temporary restraining order and ordered the City to attend a hearing on August 30 to determine whether SGVWP’s application for a preliminary injunction should be granted. Following the August 30 hearing, the court issued a 10-page ruling that evaluated SGVWP’s probability of succeeding on the merits of its case, as well as the potential harm to SGVWP and the City. The court concluded that a preliminary injunction was appropriate and granted SGVWP’s application. The preliminary injunction will remain in effect until the court issues a final judgment in the case. The parties are due back in court on September 25, when the Court will set a trial schedule in the matter.

SGVWP has been working with the City for a number of years in regard to a world-class solar power project. The solar project has strong support at both the local and state levels and is critical in meeting Southern California’s growing renewable energy needs. Rob Anselmo, a representative of SGVWP, stated “We are pleased with the court’s ruling today, and believe we will be successful at trial. We are also making efforts with the City of Industry to resolve our differences and move the project forward.”

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